Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Radio Free Asia - Live from the Himalayas

Ok. This isn't really a remote broadcast. It's a regular broadcast from a remote area.

"We recently took an ACCESS unit Comrex loaned us to Bangkok Thailand for testing. The link with our headquarters in Washington DC worked great. The Access provided ISDN quality without the dialup cost. The same demo unit was then carried to Dharamsala, India where it was not only tested but worked so well we used the ACCESS link for a series of live shows. The ACCESS sound quality was better then any other Telco or Internet solutions we have tried to date. The results were especially reliable considering that Dharamsala has one of most “problematic” Internet infrastructures that we have come across. Dharamsala is a mountainous fifteen hour drive from Delhi straight up the Himalayans’ and is hard to get equipment into. The Access worked so well there we bought the demo unit and kept it there."

David Baden, Chief Technology Officer Radio Free Asia

The “problematic” Internet infrastructure to which he was referring....

Wow. Just wow.

He later apologized for the lousy picture. I looked at him stunned. How could he say this was a lousy picture?

He explained that they never had a camera available when the monkeys were there. Apparently there are monkeys that hang out in these wires, which must constantly be chased away as they enjoy chewing on the wires.

Even Verizon territory doesn't have THOSE issues!

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