Friday, November 16, 2012

Talk Show Boot Camp:New Orleans

XM Sirius Satellite Radio Talk Show Host, Dr. Daliah Wachs, stopped by the Comrex booth at the Talentmasters TSBC in New Orleans to tell us that she loves her ACCESS Portable IP Codec.  She uses it whenever she is on the road to broadcast her show on America's Talk Channel 166. 

Friday, September 07, 2012

ACCESS in Delaware

This just in from our friend John Harper:

The new Delaware 105.9 doing what will be a weekly remote using an Access portable.   (Until 9 a.m. EDT)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

More from the DNC in Charlotte

James Taylor is just doing his soundcheck getting ready for a BIG night at the DNC.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Charlotte Welcomes the DNC 2012

Balloons, Romney's and Ryan's in Tampa

An excited Democrat stuffed arena in Charlotte
After week in Tampa for the Republican National Convention, we've moved the show (rather shows...lots of them) up the road to Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention.  But sites have been fabulous hosts. And both sites have provided their own challenges and excitement as well.  It very flattering to see so much of our gear being used to provide live convention coverage in so many different ways.  But the Talk Radio Rows have really been giving us a workout.  

There have been lots of interviews with politicians and lots of good radio.  Below are just a few of the shows we worked with in Charlotte.
The podium where the Oklahoma delegates will  announce their votes.
Cliff Kelley from WVON/Chicago with Illinois Governor Pat Quinn
Dave Miller from Oregon Public Radio interviews delegates
Hank Morse and Matt Shearer from NewsTalk 96.9 Boston prep for the next break.
Lori Lundin from America's Radio News Network talks to NY Rep. Dan Nadler

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A busy day for politicos

Former Governor of New Hampshire and White House Chief of Staff under President George H.W. Bush, John Sununu talks with Breitbart Radio.

Former Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain tries to navigate Radio Row through throngs of reporters.

Television Game Show Host turned Radio Talk Show Host Chuck Wollery broadcasts live from Radio Row.

More from RNC 2012 Radio Row

Comrex Tech Director Tom Hartnett is a huge Laura Ingraham fan so we thought he would enjoy this shot of the nationally syndicated host broadcasting live on a Comrex Nexus.

Also, Daytona, FL host Marc Bernier interviews Georgia US Congressman Phil Gingrey.

Good Morning, Tampa

Geraldo made his rounds on Radio Row this morning before getting ready to do his own syndicated show live from the RNC in Tampa. He's seen here on Boston's 96.9 FM.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Live from the RNC

Every four years, the two main political parties in the US convene their conventions to enunciate their party platform and nominate their respective candidates for the Presidency of the United States.

That is exactly what is happening right now in Tampa, Florida where the Republican National Convention is taking place...despite a near miss hurricane and daunting security.

And you can believe that whereever there are politicians, there's lots of talk and lots of Talk Radio.  The RNCs Radio Row features about 120 radio stations from all over the country.  The majority of these folks depend on Comrex to get them on the air by delivering their audio from the convention hall to all parts far and wide.

Comrex is here in Tampa to support our customers and next week it will be off to Charlotte, North Carolina to join the Democratic party.  Well, not really join the party...but we will enjoy it.

Keep checking back for photos of Comrex in action from both conventions.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

98 Rock 2012 Summer Beach Bash (and we're envious)

Our good friend and Comrex ACCESS user, Kerry Plackmeyer, station engineer with Hearst Radio in Baltimore, is a man of few words...well at least in his email.  He recently sent a photo with the following text: "Remote. The 4G MiFi made the ACCESS awesome."  We've been hearing that a lot lately.  But we were curious.  So, what of this "Beach Bash" remote?  We hit our favorite search engine to learn more about what 98 Rock was up to this Summer.

What Kerry didn't bother to tell us is that the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders were there, too!  So, I'm sure 98 Rock listeners were doubly delighted with great audio from the remote site in Ocean City, Maryland AND the Ravens Cheerleaders!  Thanks for the note, Kerry.

One Ravens Cheerleader is just never enough.
98 Rock Music Director and "VP in Charge of Nothing", Steve Huber, marvels at the miracle of modern technology.
Sports Guy Keith Mills with 98 Rock Midday Star Sarah Fleischer (left), ACCESS Portable (center) and Promotions Goddess Jessica Drake
You can see more photos from the 98 Rock 2012 Summer Beach Bash by clicking here.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

92.9 FM Rides for Prince Margaret Hospital

At Comrex, we often hear about great and exciting new ways that broadcasters are using our gear to reach out to their listeners.  A few years ago we had a Morning Show presenter that broadcast his show from a bicycle in the Netherlands.  Just yesterday, we found out that a whole breakfast team in Perth, Australia mounted their bikes and took to the road and broadcast their show during a 90k Bike-A-Thon to benefit the Princess Margaret Hospital.
The 92.9FM Breakfast Team of Lisa, Paul and Baz set out with an initial goal of $5000 but ended up raising well over $30,000. You can read the story on the local Perth Now website.

But serious credit needs to be given to station engineer Dan Jackson for tricking out his bike and turning it into a complete mobile studio!  You can also listen to a Podcast of the broadcast which utilized a Comrex ACCESS IP Codec with Mixer transmitting over 4G Wireless back to the studio.  You can see the photos of their ACCESS setup below. 

92.9 FM hosts Paul Hogan and Lisa Fernandez prepare for their live "Bike-A-Thon" broadcast with the help of station engineer Dan Jackson.
What a great cause and what an incredible remote! Good on ya, mates!  Thanks for taking Comrex along for the ride.         
You can see more photo of the Kids Appeal Bike-A-Thon on the 92.9 FM Website

Listen to a podcast of the broadcast HERE!

Monday, May 21, 2012

ACCESS reaches Chilean Miners

At the recent annual convention of ARCHI (Asociacion de Radio Chile) in Copiapo, Chile, radio broadcaster Nostalgica FM ( was on hand to cover the event for its listeners back in Santiago.  Making the event even more compelling was the presence of four very special guests at the opening dinner and reception.
A presenter from Nostalgica FM covers the ARCHI event

The ARCHI event was held not far from the site of the mine that captivated a worldwide television audience in the Summer of 2010.  33 miners, who were trapped 622 meters below the surface of the San Jose mine, were eventually rescued after 69 grueling days trapped in unimaginable circumstances.  Four of the 33 Chilean miners were on hand to welcome the broadcasters to the Copiapo Province as ambassadors for the region.  

Nostalgica FM was able to use the meeting room's Wi-Fi to connect back to their station using their Comrex ACCESS Portable IP Codec to broadcast the event in its entirety.  

Jim Godfrey, Comrex Latin America Sales, with one of the rescued miners

Also at the event was Comrex Latin America Sales hombre, Jim Godfrey, who in addition to loving "rubber chicken" never misses out on an opportunity to glom onto somebody else's 15-minutes of fame.   On word that a Hollywood movie will now be made about this miracle rescue, Jim immediately suggested that actor Clint Eastwood should be chosen to play the part of Jim Godfrey for the silver screen re-enactment. Jim offered his services to Mr. Eastwood as a dialect coach to help him best emulate the East Texas accent.

All kidding aside, congratulations to the miners and to our friends at Nostalgica FM for great radio coverage for their listeners.
Four of the rescued Chilean miners are ambassadors of the Copiapo Province

Thursday, January 05, 2012

....and on to New Hampshire!!!

We are very very excited about the success our customers have been having with their Comrex ACCESS codecs used via the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE (Pantech UML290) modem. 

Several major radio networks have been deploying this combo throughout Iowa and New Hampshire and other states that are holding US Presidential Primaries in January 2012.

We recently learned that NPR has been using ACCESS live on the air and came across this audio sample of one of their live reports on their flagship program "All Things Considered." In this audio clip, ATC's Melissa Block interviewed Ari Shapiro live at 5:06pm on Thursday, January 5th this evening as  candidate Mitt Romney visited Peterborough, New Hampshire. Audio is here.

Comrex support personnel with be in Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday, January 9th and Tuesday January 10th to assist customers with setup and troubleshooting!!!  You'll be able to find Andy and Paul from Comrex at the Radisson Hotel on those days or just give us a call at 800-237-1776.