Saturday, March 28, 2009

ACCESS is Working For The Weekend!

If you're a Comrex customer, you probably know that we love remotes. Radio is in our blood and sometimes, much to the chagrin of our spouses, if we see one happening we've got to find out what's going on. So, it was really cool to spot the WNGC-FM/Cox Radio Athens, GA outside of the Georgia Spa Company when we were out and about this weekend. We noticed that the Yagi and telescoping mast weren't up so we had to find out what they were doing. Maybe using a cellphone to call it in? Much to our surprise and delight, right there on the remote table was a shiny new ACCESS Portable IP codec!

You know, it kind of makes us giddy to know that our customers are so happy with our technology. Shana Vaughn, WNGC's Midday Host, and here broadcast team were set up inside the Buford, Georgia store on a rainy Saturday afternoon broadcasting live to their listeners all over the Atlanta Metro area. And the listeners kept on coming in to see Bullfrog Spas, Green Egg cookers and of course, their favorite radio station. WNGC was broadcasting back to their Athens, GA facility using a Verizon U727 3G Wireless USB modem. They been using it for remotes all over the Atlanta area and couldn't be happier! The management at Georgia Spa Co. seemed pretty thrilled also!

It looks like WNGC's ACCESS Portable has been getting a pretty good workout having recently been used at the St. Jude Radiothon, the Atlanta Home & Garden Show, a couple of Dickey's BBQ remotes and the WNGC Roadshow with George and Scott. You can see photos of these remotes by clicking HERE.

"I must say that the Comrex ACCESS unit has allowed us to really open up and take our stations on the road anywhere we want. Before we were tied down to a phone line or would have to stay within Marti range," says David Ratz,Promotions Director for Cox Radio Athens.

Our good friend and syndicated morning show host, Moby, is a Comrex ACCESS user, too! He can be heard weekday mornings 6a-10a on 106.1 WNGC.

Bryan Sheets and Shana Vaughn from WNGC show off their ACCESS.

We recorded some of the audio of the broadcast taken off air. WNGC was using our BRIC-HQ1 Mono algorithm for the broadcast over Verizon's BroadbandACCESS (EVDO Rev.A) service and you can hear it by clicking HERE.