Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Comrex Provides ACCESS for Breaking & Entering Christmas

Rob Chickering, VP of Operations for the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, has been a friend of Comrex for many years.  Recently, just got his first ACCESS for the show and its been a game-changer in many regards.

Below, you can see and hear Kidd's "Breaking & Entering Christmas" which took place on December 21st using the ACCESS Portable. 

Rob writes us, "All I wanted for Christmas was cool Access.....
we got it just prior to our kidds kids day contribution broadcast and there it began to make a difference in our on air product. We were live from the southwest airlines headquarters for 4 hours and it sounded amazing, as good as ISDN and just as solid. There was no way I was getting an isdn line installed at that location so Access was the only choice and it rocked!

Next big use was yesterday for our Breaking and Entering Christmas. every year we find a family in need though a letter written from a friend. This year it was a young couple living in a trailer in Keller Texas. This becomes a real technical challenge because part one of the broadcast begins at a location away from the home where we stage on air talent and crew. No power no internet no land lines.Then once the family has left the house we roll. The access stability and portability kept the host on the air throughout the process. From set up to "break in" to reveal to the family. The quality was amazing and the unit was stable for over 3 hours on 3g AT&T. We took the unit back outside and gave them a car later all on the air. This year crappy cell phone audio didn't reduce the experience to the listener. We had folks commenting that they felt like they were there while this great Christmas gift took place.

Please pass along to all involved in developing this product that this makes such a difference in the lives of folks. It brings radio back to people! Thank you guys for being a great company that makes amazing products for us in the trenches."

Rob Chickering

VP, Operations
Yea Network/Kidd Kraddick In The Morning

Hear the audio by clicking HERE!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

European Vacation...XL style

Clear Channel Orlando's WXXL-FM/XL 106.7FM's Johnny & Jayde In The Morning decided that maybe it was time to leave the same old, boring sunshine and 80 degree weather of Central Florida for something a bit more "exotic." So, naturally, Amsterdam fit the bill.  The morning show grabbed their ACCESS Portable and Director of Engineering Mike Sprysenki and jumped on a flight to the Netherlands. Whether it was broadcasting from inside in the lobby of their hotel or camped outside at a sidewalk cafe, the team discovered that virtually anywhere there was Wi-Fi, they could deliver all of the action back to their listeners in Orlando.

Early reports from Mr. Sprysenki indicate that the Internet connections were solid and the broadcasts were flawless.  We haven't received a full report from "The SpryGuy" who is supposedly recovering from "jetlag."

Mike Spry was "holding this for a friend."

The XL Morning Team marvel at the modern sculpture in Amsterdam.

Monday, November 23, 2009

"Luxury Included" Broadcast goes LIVE & LOCAL

GAP Broadcasting really knows how to tell its listeners how to have a good time.  It doesn't hurt that they've got support from Beaches and Sandals resorts. Over the past year, GAP's listeners throughout the Southwestern US and the Northern Plains to the Pacific Northwest have been living vicariously through station personalities and some lucky winners who get to play on the beaches of the Caribbean. The all-inclusive resorts offer "luxury" included and some great radio as the entire experience is sent back to the folks at home.
Jeff Easterling, known to his fans on Texarkana's Eagle 106.3 as "The Jeff", sent in some photos from a recent GAP remote at the new Beaches resort in the Turks & Caicos. Says Jeff, "We have used the Comrex Access with some of our GAP Broadcasting multi-market remotes from the Sandals and Beaches Resorts in the Caribbean. They are so easy to use, and the audio quality is outstanding. With us broadcasting multiple stations, to multiple markets back in the states, the Access is perfect for us. We are able to easily program them to each station in just seconds, which is great so we can get back to work quickly…on the beach."

Lisa Lindsey Brad Weiser are in the pics.  Lisa is broadcasting to Texas, and Brad is broadcasting to Idaho.

A GAPster interviews a Beaches employee.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Q107's Cure for Difficult Remotes

John Fielding from Corus Radio in Toronto recently wrote us to tell us about his experience with his Comrex ACCESS:

Hi Comrex folks….

Just wanted to share a great Comrex experience with you….

Q107, Toronto’s legendary classic rock radio station, is home to morning show personality John Derringer. In the last few years, we’ve done more on-location morning show broadcasts than any other radio station in Toronto! Q107 has pioneered morning show promotions such as “Derringer’s Tour of the Neighbourhood” and “Derringer’s Tour of the Workplace.” The Neighbourhood series brought the entire morning show crew to the homes of loyal Q107 listeners, sometimes in ‘remote’ locations. This always presented a technical challenge for someone like me, who’s responsibility it is to ensure the show gets on the air. Our standard practice was to rush-order dedicated Bell analog broadcast lines for each location. It was hit or miss. Luckily most worked out well. Sometimes, not so much. Not to mention the cost!

Q107 Morning Host John Derringer

Imagine the smile on my face when I saw a shiny new Comrex ACCESS sitting on my desk!

In Ontario, most residential homes have 2 choices when it comes to phone, TV and internet service; Bell or Rogers. Bell can provide traditional analog phone lines, satellite TV and DSL internet. Rogers on the other hand provides VoIP telephone service, digital cable TV and high-speed cable internet. For some reason, buying a home in certain new housing developments limits you to one or the other. The latter presents a challenge for certain radio remote ‘road warriors’ that rely on Bell copper to broadcast live from one of these homes. The morning crew was asked to bring the show to a beautiful home in Woodbridge, Ontario which would end up being a grand prize in the Princess Margaret Hospital Home Lottery for Cancer Research. The station always supports cancer research and was more than happy to bring the Derringer show on the road once again. I wasn’t so keen on the idea having heard that analog lines and ISDN would not be available in that area, but had to make this morning show remote happen. Comrex ACCESS to the rescue!

Nice house! Someone please pass us a brownie.

The house came equipped with digital cable and home phone so I politely asked if a high-speed data line could be installed. Sure enough, it was ready and waiting for my trusty ACCESS codec. I plugged it into a cable modem, chose my profile and it connected instantly. The Q107 brass said it was one of the best sounding morning show remotes we’ve ever done! Using BRIC-HQ1 (mono), Delay was very low making on-air conversations between the remote location and the studio a breeze. Loss rate was a reassuring 0% the entire time. As a backup, we connected a Matrix unit to the VoIP line but not once did we have to switch over to it. This event was our first ever full morning show remote using the ACCESS and it went extremely well.

I’ve attached an Mp3 clip from the show. Music was played back at the station, all the voices you’ll hear are live on location via ACCESS portable. Please keep in mind this is an Mp3 and compressed just a bit. CLICK HERE to hear the clip.

I have to say, I love my ACCESS and I don’t know how I got by without it before! Just knowing that I can take it out on the road, plug in my Kyocera 1x EV-DO PC card and connect right away is very reassuring. I’ve even tried it out on the Bell WiMax network and had very positive results.

In a separate email, John sent us this photo:

[Featured in this photo]("Alex at Kia") is another time we used the Comrex ACCESS in a tough situation at Kia Motors Canada. We connected with a Kyocera 1x EV-DO PCcard and it sounded great!

Q107 and Corus Radio are loving ACCESS!
Thanks Comrex!
John Fielding

Station Event and Remote Broadcast Coordinator

Corus Radio Toronto (Classic Rock Q107, 102.1 the Edge, AM640 Toronto Radio)

Direct, 416-646-8608

Mobile, 416-428-2458

1600-1 Dundas St. West, Toronto ON


M5G 1Z3

Monday, April 13, 2009

BRIC Remote Control available for FREE at www.comrex.com

If you need a way to control multiple ACCESS units from a central interface, we've got it! Download our new, cool app, BRIC Remote Control for FREE at www.comrex.com!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

ACCESS is Working For The Weekend!

If you're a Comrex customer, you probably know that we love remotes. Radio is in our blood and sometimes, much to the chagrin of our spouses, if we see one happening we've got to find out what's going on. So, it was really cool to spot the WNGC-FM/Cox Radio Athens, GA outside of the Georgia Spa Company when we were out and about this weekend. We noticed that the Yagi and telescoping mast weren't up so we had to find out what they were doing. Maybe using a cellphone to call it in? Much to our surprise and delight, right there on the remote table was a shiny new ACCESS Portable IP codec!

You know, it kind of makes us giddy to know that our customers are so happy with our technology. Shana Vaughn, WNGC's Midday Host, and here broadcast team were set up inside the Buford, Georgia store on a rainy Saturday afternoon broadcasting live to their listeners all over the Atlanta Metro area. And the listeners kept on coming in to see Bullfrog Spas, Green Egg cookers and of course, their favorite radio station. WNGC was broadcasting back to their Athens, GA facility using a Verizon U727 3G Wireless USB modem. They been using it for remotes all over the Atlanta area and couldn't be happier! The management at Georgia Spa Co. seemed pretty thrilled also!

It looks like WNGC's ACCESS Portable has been getting a pretty good workout having recently been used at the St. Jude Radiothon, the Atlanta Home & Garden Show, a couple of Dickey's BBQ remotes and the WNGC Roadshow with George and Scott. You can see photos of these remotes by clicking HERE.

"I must say that the Comrex ACCESS unit has allowed us to really open up and take our stations on the road anywhere we want. Before we were tied down to a phone line or would have to stay within Marti range," says David Ratz,Promotions Director for Cox Radio Athens.

Our good friend and syndicated morning show host, Moby, is a Comrex ACCESS user, too! He can be heard weekday mornings 6a-10a on 106.1 WNGC.

Bryan Sheets and Shana Vaughn from WNGC show off their ACCESS.

We recorded some of the audio of the broadcast taken off air. WNGC was using our BRIC-HQ1 Mono algorithm for the broadcast over Verizon's BroadbandACCESS (EVDO Rev.A) service and you can hear it by clicking HERE.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Update your ACCESS Codecs to FW 2.5 p4! The future of our civilization depends on it. Go to comrex.com for details.