Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Comrex Provides ACCESS for Breaking & Entering Christmas

Rob Chickering, VP of Operations for the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, has been a friend of Comrex for many years.  Recently, just got his first ACCESS for the show and its been a game-changer in many regards.

Below, you can see and hear Kidd's "Breaking & Entering Christmas" which took place on December 21st using the ACCESS Portable. 

Rob writes us, "All I wanted for Christmas was cool Access.....
we got it just prior to our kidds kids day contribution broadcast and there it began to make a difference in our on air product. We were live from the southwest airlines headquarters for 4 hours and it sounded amazing, as good as ISDN and just as solid. There was no way I was getting an isdn line installed at that location so Access was the only choice and it rocked!

Next big use was yesterday for our Breaking and Entering Christmas. every year we find a family in need though a letter written from a friend. This year it was a young couple living in a trailer in Keller Texas. This becomes a real technical challenge because part one of the broadcast begins at a location away from the home where we stage on air talent and crew. No power no internet no land lines.Then once the family has left the house we roll. The access stability and portability kept the host on the air throughout the process. From set up to "break in" to reveal to the family. The quality was amazing and the unit was stable for over 3 hours on 3g AT&T. We took the unit back outside and gave them a car later all on the air. This year crappy cell phone audio didn't reduce the experience to the listener. We had folks commenting that they felt like they were there while this great Christmas gift took place.

Please pass along to all involved in developing this product that this makes such a difference in the lives of folks. It brings radio back to people! Thank you guys for being a great company that makes amazing products for us in the trenches."

Rob Chickering

VP, Operations
Yea Network/Kidd Kraddick In The Morning

Hear the audio by clicking HERE!

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