Tuesday, July 03, 2012

98 Rock 2012 Summer Beach Bash (and we're envious)

Our good friend and Comrex ACCESS user, Kerry Plackmeyer, station engineer with Hearst Radio in Baltimore, is a man of few words...well at least in his email.  He recently sent a photo with the following text: "Remote. The 4G MiFi made the ACCESS awesome."  We've been hearing that a lot lately.  But we were curious.  So, what of this "Beach Bash" remote?  We hit our favorite search engine to learn more about what 98 Rock was up to this Summer.

What Kerry didn't bother to tell us is that the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders were there, too!  So, I'm sure 98 Rock listeners were doubly delighted with great audio from the remote site in Ocean City, Maryland AND the Ravens Cheerleaders!  Thanks for the note, Kerry.

One Ravens Cheerleader is just never enough.
98 Rock Music Director and "VP in Charge of Nothing", Steve Huber, marvels at the miracle of modern technology.
Sports Guy Keith Mills with 98 Rock Midday Star Sarah Fleischer (left), ACCESS Portable (center) and Promotions Goddess Jessica Drake
You can see more photos from the 98 Rock 2012 Summer Beach Bash by clicking here.