Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We're back....

Clearly I have been pitiful at updating this blog. So many ACCESS remotes have happened, I don't know where to start. I guess I will first tell you about some of Minuteman Communications remotes.

This picture, really demonstrates what ACCESS is about. This product truly has the ability to cut the wires. This was photo taken by John Mullany of Minuteman at WZLX's remote at Mount Wachusett Ski Area. The ACCESS was connected via WiFi for back-up.

I promised to tell you about the St. Patrick's Day remotes. Minuteman had a very busy time and delivered many successful remotes. Here is a picture of a remote they set up at for WROR's Loren and Wally show. It was a very successful remote.

From John - "Connected with Tom for almost the entire morning show broadcast. I was using Internet Connection Sharing from a laptop connected over Wachusett Mountain's free WIFI. I used BRIC2 Stereo 12K and held the connection for the duration. "

Minuteman also delivered remotes from Cleary's Bar (an Irish Pub) for Mix98.5. The remote was delivered via RPU, but John likes to play - "On a side note I did not have the unit with me Saturday night while doing a Mix985 RPU remote at the Rack. However I did notice that I was picking up a WiFi signal in my van outside The Rack from the Bostonian Hotel across the street which I could connect to. So it probably would have worked there if I had had it along." Sure would have been easier!

And for WAAF's remote at the Burren http://www.burren.com/ for the WAAF remote Friday Morning. - Here are some behind the scenes communication:

This is from Steve who was testing ACCESS at home.

"Hi Everyone:

OK, I've installed the ACCESS onto my home network (Linksys router, DHCP, Comcast cable modem).

I successfully logged onto Entercom's fixed IP of xx.xx.xxx.xxx and had no problems at all. After about 30 minutes, there was still zero frame loss.

Next, I connected to Greater Media's unit: xx.xxx.xx.xxx. I found I had to disconnect Entercom first, but then it connected fine.

...I'll give you a call around 10 and we can get together for a line test at The Burren. "


And John's advice for Steve:

"Steve keep the beer off your laptop!!"


Sound advice, John! I would recommend that all ACCESS users endeavor to keep the beer OFF the laptop!

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