Tuesday, May 30, 2006

JAMN 94.5 - Walk for Hunger

From John Mullaney at Minuteman Communications - "ACCESS was used on the air exclusively for JAMN945 at this one. It was all over EVDO with a tremendous amount of active cell phones in the area. The ACCESS was connected to the Verizon wireless Broadband using the Kyocera KRI ( www.kyocera-wireless.com/kr1-router ) router. Because of the Clear Channel network security issues the studio connected to me once I learned my IP. This was done remotely by their engineer Bruce Parsons tunneling into their network from his home and then using the GUI. Audio sounded good with no dropouts that I heard though the delay over EVDO was quite great. Since they where recording all these cut ins with no studio interaction the delay had no negative impact. They have plans to try and do all three Boston Clear Channel stations at the start next year so we may try and get a WiFi connection from an apartment's balcony that overlooks The Common. The Marti equipment you can see going in the background in some of these pictures was being used for their sister station Kiss108 who was also broadcasting simultaneously."

Walk for Hunger info: http://www.projectbread.com/

Maverik - On-air personality for JAMN94.5

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