Monday, January 07, 2008

ACCESS - Inside the Iowa Caucus with KTAR

KTAR Goes Inside An Iowa Caucus: The Phoenix News/Talker pulled off a first by broadcasting live from inside one of Iowa's caucus meetings last night. KTAR PD Russ Hill states today that a team of producers and engineers, using the Comrex ACCESS BRIC IP codec on a wireless 3G data card, provided the first opportunity for a radio station to do a live Talk show from within an actual election-night caucus.
KTAR-FM talk show host Darrell Ankarlo provided play-by-play coverage for more than two hours as delegates negotiated support for Presidential candidates. "What we did was unbelievable," says Ankarlo. "No one has ever been able to hear one of these caucus meetings unfold live on the radio. It gave our listeners a front seat to the very raw political process so they could see how bizarre this thing really is."

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