Friday, December 08, 2006

Car Dealerships at Christmas. ACCESS Delivers.

What better time for a remote than December? What better place than a car dealership? ACCESS on IP makes it easy. When WAAF recently did a Toys for Tots drive at Boch Toyota, they chose ACCESS on IP to deliver the remote.

The remote went without a hitch. As the broadcast was delivered on an existing IP link, there were no charges for phone lines or connections.

Personally, I think the reindeer was a bit scary, but I think that's just me!

Just kidding. The reindeer adds a lot to the remote. Really. Mean it. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in the ACCESS unit. I do lots of traveling and it's hard to always find a studio. Is this really possible for me to broadcast, let's say from a hotel room, by using a high-speed Internet line or Wi-Fi?

Is the portable unit ready for sale?

Again, I travel a lot and would love to have a portable option.

Please advise.

Also, what is the cost for the rack item, and the portable item?

Remote ACCESS said...

Hi Roland,

Indeed the ACCESS makes it possible to broadcast using the internet (from your hotel room or whereever you happen to be.) The portable ACCESS should be shipping shortly. Have a look at for details.

List price on the rackmount is $3000 and the portable is $3800 (or $5000 if you purchase the portable and the mixer option at the same time.)