Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Media5 Fone: Connect to ACCESS and BRIC-Link from your iPhone

For all of you iPhone users who have been suffering from "ARC Envy", you'll be happy to know that we've tested and approved a very cool app that will let you connect to your ACCESS or BRIC-Link codec with your Apple iPhone or iPod iTouch. It also works with the iPad but, personally, we think you'd look silly holding that thing up to your ear.

Media5 Fone is available from the iPhone App Store as a free demo download that will allow for calls of one minute in duration.  If you'd like the unlimited call feature, you'll need to pay $4.99 USD for that luxury.

All of the details, including simple setup instructions for your ACCESS or BRIC-Link, are available at: http://comrex.com/arc/media5.html

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